Holiday STRESS Affecting Your Physical Health?

Stress has been with the human race since the beginning of time.  Today the stress of careers, deadlines, conflicts, holidays, and even family can take a huge tollheadache, woman in pain on our health.

Just as a chain tends to break at its weakest link, we seem to exhibit stress and strain in the weakest areas of our bodies.  For some, it’s an upset stomach.  For others, recurring headaches, back pain, or muscle stiffness.  Still others respond with nervous twitches, allergic reactions, or sensitivities to chemicals.  Regardless of your particular response, the function of the nervous system is involved.  That is why chiropractic can be so helpful.

The chiropractic approach to stress is to help normalize the function of your nervous system by removing interferences caused by subluxations (misalignments of the spine).  A chiropractor finds the “weak links” in your spine (the major communication pathway of your nervous system) and chiropractic adjustments restore better function, and can make a profound difference in your response to stress.  Many people see a chiropractor for wellness or maintenance care, which helps decrease physical responses to stress, and helps them emotionally deal with stress better because they are in a state of wellness.  The chiropractic lifestyle can play a big part in the role of decreasing the stresses of life.

It may not be possible to remove the stress from a busy life.  However, with the help a chiropractic physician you can respond better to the unique challenges you face!

The Institute of Chiropractic and Acupuncture Therapy provides chiropractic and wellness care to patients in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.  Located in West Jordan, we see patients from as far north as Logan, from Utah County, and some even travel for chiropractic care from out of state.  The goal of our chiropractor, Dr. Trent Burrup, is to help you get well and stay well.  Come experience the difference at the Institute!