Stop Wasting Money on Synthetic Vitamins

Food and herbal supplement image for Individual Page on DetoxificationDid you know that most of the money the American public spends on vitamins is wasted money on synthetic vitamins?

Some vitamin supplements are made from whole foods and some are synthetically made chemicals.   Food contains complex blends of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and other factors.  However, synthetic vitamins only contain one small chemically made portion of the vitamin complex.  For example: The FDA has classified the chemical “ascorbic acid” as vitamin C. While ascorbic acid is part of the vitamin C complex, naturally occurring vitamin C also contains mixed bioflavonoids, K, J and P factors, and tyrosinase (a copper bearing enzyme), as well as many unknown factors yet to be discovered.   The body cannot use ascorbic acid in the same way it uses the whole Vitamin C complex because a single synthetic “vitamin” does not have all the components contained in food.  In fact, many recent studies are showing that synthetic vitamins are actually creating more health problems than they are helping.  Whole food nutritional supplements are far superior to synthetic vitamins.  Whole food supplements allow the body to get the whole vitamin complex in its most useful form.

What to do when you are at the health food store: READ LABELS!  Or, get your supplements from a chiropractor or other physician who is very knowledgeable about nutrition and supplementation.  The labels on synthetic vitamins will have a long list of chemical components that are very hard to pronounce.  Whole food supplements will have a long list of FOOD.  Whole food supplements will also have much lower values listed for the vitamins it contains.  This is NOT a problem because you will get more use from these vitamins because they are much more usable to the body.  Nature didn’t make food with thousands of mg of vitamins (or one chemical component of it).  The body needs the whole vitamin complex, not just a component of it.  For this reason, the synthetic one-a- day type multivitamin with everything from A to Zinc that is recommended for “everyone” is not a good choice.

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