“I came to Dr. Burrup initially for some lower back pain I was having. Right off the bat I was extremely impressed with the quality of the practice here. I love how you are not only treated, but informed on how/why the treatment works and why he is doing it. I feel little to no back pain now and I feel great!

~ Adam T

“Between starting my chiropractic treatment and now, I have noticed many improvements. I am able to do more standing, exercise, etc. without experiencing soreness in my knees. I can sit for much longer periods of time without experiencing any problems in my lower back. My overall health and feeling is much better. I have better energy and mood and have learned better how to take care of myself.”

~Tyler C

“Dr. Burrup and staff have been very great to work with in getting my body better and feeling better. Coming in to see Dr. Burrup has been very helpful for my upper neck pain. He is probably the best chiropractor that I have ever heard of and seen. He explains treatment very well. This is the only doctor’s office I look forward to seeing…they are the best and are really nice. I am so glad my friend and co-worker recommended him!”

~Amanda H

“I came for help with digestion, spine/neck, and hormonal brain fog. It has been wonderful to have a doctor that is working on all areas of my health, keeping my body balanced. No part of my varying problems are negatively affected as we solve another problem. It has been a wonderful experience!”

~Shanae N

“Back problems, neck pain, tense shoulders from stress, indigestion, and headaches were my daily life, one that I simply lived with and survived. My mother insisted I visit Dr. Burrup after having success herself. I remember being so used to all the pain and problems that I had a difficult time articulating what was wrong. It has been several months of visiting Dr. Burrup now and it has been worth the 1-hour drive each visit. The indigestion is almost gone. The lower back pain and neck pain are getting better. My hormones and other difficulties are gone. The headaches are no longer constant, and I now have a hope to be better someday. Instead of resignation to pain and discomfort the rest of my life, I can see a life ahead without it. I can finally see an energetic and healthy me!”

~Shanae N

“One day my neck, arm, and hand went numb and then I had severe pain and tingling. Dr. Burrup did several different treatments and soon there was NO PAIN. Now it is almost 100% better!”

~Brenda T

“Dr. Burrup gave me back to use of my left shoulder!”

~Deborah J

“The six months of coming to Dr. Burrup have been a blessing. I feel better in every way…emotionally, mentally, and physically. I appreciate how Dr. Burrup listens to me. His explanations are clear and useful. I appreciate how he responds to me. The strategies he used helped in remarkable ways. I make better health decisions and I feel better so I am more active. I love the front office staff and employees. I love how friendly and helpful they are. I love coming and just checking in with these new friends. I often recommend Dr. Burrup to others. I hope they call him. I give him my highest recommendation!”

~Jim B

“Starting out was tough. Every day I woke up and I was in pain. Now the pain has subsided and I am able to work back to where I need to be. Every week I feel better and feel like I am making improvements every day. As things get easier it makes me more excited to keep working toward my goal!”

~Lindsay C

“I am a nurse and after a 12-hour shift at the hospital I would literally leave, get in my car, and would cry because of pain in my lower back. After a couple of months of seeing Dr. Burrup that was no longer the case. I can now work a 12-hour shift and have minimal to NO pain by the end of the day. This has all happened with four months of treatments. I feel Dr. Burrup has saved my life so to speak, because without his help, I know without a doubt I would have had to quit my job and take an early retirement, which would have been disastrous for me and my family. I had seen five or six chiropractors before Dr. Burrup and none of them helped me. I will keep seeing Dr. Burrup to keep me going for years to come. This is the best I have felt in years!”

~Launa H

“I came in for painful headaches that were radiating from my neck to the base and back of my skull. I’d had previous positive results from chiropractic and asked a friend for a referral. After about 2 weeks my headaches improved. After about 2 months I haven’t had any recurrence of those headaches.”

~Samantha H

“Prior to coming to see Dr. Burrup I had recurring knee pain as well as moderate neck and mid-back pain. After only a few visits my knee pain completely subsided and my neck and back pain has drastically reduced.”

~Tyler M

“When I came into Dr. Burrup’s office for the first time I could barely walk. My lower back has given me grief for the past four years due to a herniated disc. I came to Dr. Burrup frustrated, desperate, and fed up with the pain and inconvenience of a back injury. By the end of that first appointment, even though I didn’t feel any different physically, I finally felt like there may be some hope for a normal, pain free life. I am after all only 37 years old and have a lot more live to live. Within the first two weeks of treatment I felt a dramatic difference in my back. I felt stronger, more agile, and had more confidence in my body’s ability to move and LIVE than I had felt in four years! Since then, now six months later, I continue to feel an amazing difference in my quality of life and ability to live and move without the fear of losing mobility at any moment. It has truly changed my life!”

~Holly J

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