Top 10 Reasons to See a Chiropractor…or NOT to?


To See or Not to See….that is the question…adjhands

“I like my left shoulder higher than my right.”

“The tingling and numbness in my fingers is actually starting to feel good.”

“These headaches I have every day are normal.  They say so on the commercial on TV.”

“Real doctors give people shots.”

“My mom doesn’t believe in it.

“I’m tough, I can take the pain.”

“These pills make me feel good…what was the question?”

“I enjoy stress…makes me more productive even if I can’t sleep.”

“My neck feels fine, so what if I can’t turn to the left.”

“Surgery makes more sense to me.  I’ve already had my gallbladder out.  Who needs these organs anyway?”

Chiropractic is not a matter of belief or faith, it’s real and it works. Millions of people, including most professional sports teams are starting to realize this every year.


Here are 10 reasons to ACTUALLY see a chiropractor:


Auto Accidents

Studies show that seeking chiropractic care early after an accident can mean the difference between being sore and stiff for months and being back to your old self again. Even if the car accident occurred months or years ago, there is still a good chance that chiropractic care can defeat lingering pain and increase range of motion in the neck, shoulders, and lower back.



Headaches are a very common condition, but they are never “normal”. Chiropractic care can decrease the incidence and severity of headaches. The U.S. Government commissioned a study on headache at Duke University that concluded that chiropractic care is highly effective for treating head pain. Stop taking medications that cause side effects and find natural relief with gentle and effective chiropractic care.


Back Pain

Chiropractors have great results when it comes to resolving back pain. Even Consumer Reports rated Chiropractic the #1 solution to lower back pain over medical care, pharmaceuticals, acupuncture and physical therapy. Numerous studies show how patients seeking chiropractic care for low back pain get relief faster and the results last longer over time.


Neck Pain

Recently, ABC news conducted a study which revealed that Chiropractic adjustments are superior to pharmaceuticals and physical therapy when it comes to neck pain. Similar to the back pain studies, they found chiropractic patients recovered twice as fast as those receiving traditional medical care.


Pain, Tingling and/or Numbness in an Extremity, and Shoulder, Hip, and Joint Pain

Chiropractic is not just for the spine.  Many chiropractors treat problems like shoulder pain (rotator cuff injuries, shoulder separation, etc.), hip pain, and pain in knees, feet, hands, and elbows.  Chiropractic aims to remove the pressure on the nerves affected, thereby addressing the cause instead of covering up the symptoms. In most cases, Chiropractic can delay or even eliminate the need for drugs or surgery.


To Reduce Medication Dependence

Drugs and medications can have undesirable or dangerous side effects on the body and on general health.  By regularly seeking chiropractic care, you may likely reduce and sometimes even get rid of your dependence on medications.


Stress Reduction

High stress seems to be the norm for our society. Most people have a tendency to store stress in their shoulders and neck causing neck pain and headaches lowering a person’s ability to deal with more stress. Chiropractic care can assist in relaxing the body, helping individuals deal with stress better.

To Improve Sleep and Quality of Life

Sleeplessness is oftentimes caused by pain, other medical issues, emotional stress, and sometimes you just can’t sleep and don’t know why. Addressing your pain or other symptoms through chiropractic techniques can promote better quality of sleep and. Enhanced sleeping habits then can improve your immune system providing your body the ability to fight disease.


Fatigue can result from a general misalignment of the body which can make your body inefficient in its movement patterns, using more energy and causing fatigue.  Other physical/emotional issues, pain, etc. can also cause fatigue.  Being in good spinal health by seeing a chiropractor often results in reduced stress levels and increased energy.


Chiropractic Care is Cost Effective

A study which was published in the journal, “Spine” concluded that spinal manipulation is a low risk, cost-effective choice.  Compared to the alternatives of expensive drugs and surgery, chiropractic is much lower in cost overall.


So, you see. There is much more to chiropractic than just a “crick” in the neck. More people are seeing the problem with over medicating and covering up symptoms. People are turning to more natural forms of healthcare and focusing on prevention through diet and exercise. Chiropractic is the leading alternative to the medical model of health care. So, don’t wait until you’re in pain to see a chiropractor. That’s like waiting until you have a cavity to see your dentist!