Say NO to drugs! There are many alternatives when it comes to allergies…

Dr. Burrup uses various techniques for allergy identification and treatment, including NAET and ASERT, acupuncture, computerized allergy testing and the prescription of specific homeopathic remedies.  There are many alternatives to addressing allergies and sensitivities that do not involve drugs or medications! Types of allergies that we can treat are food allergies, seasonal allergies and hay fever, and allergies to pets and other animals.

NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques) and ASERT (Allergy/Sensitivity Elimination and Reprograming Technique) are holistic allergy treatments that utilize acupuncture therapy and other hands on techniques to help desensitize allergies.

The computerized allergy testing scans for many different allergies and sensitivities.  With that information we are then able to recommend appropriate homeopathic remedies, nutritional and herbal supplements that will help reduce allergies and improve the body’s response to the environment.

For more information please see our ALLERGY PAGE and COMPUTERIZED HEALTH ANALYSIS page.

Allergy Testing