Did You Know? You REALLY ARE What You EAT!

Many chronic health problems are a result of nutritional deficiencies.  If organs in the body are not getting the nutrients they need, over time they begin to wear out and break down, ultimately leading to disease. The best source of nutrition is from healthy food.  However, the typical diet of most Americans is not healthy!

Most people eat lots of refined carbohydrates, refined sugars, and bad fats in their diets….lots of junk food.  Most people don’t eat enough fiber, fruits and vegetables, or healthy fats and proteins.  And many people don’t know how to make healthy choices about their food.  Choosing whole foods, unprocessed and in their natural state has far superior nutritional benefits than refined and processed foods.

Nutritional supplementation can be very beneficial, and for some it is a must.  However, the quality of a supplement is extremely important.  Some supplements are made from whole foods and some are synthetically made chemicals.   Synthetic vitamins only contain one small chemically made portion of the vitamin complex.  For example, the body cannot use the chemical “ascorbic acid” (marketed as Vitamin C) in the same way it uses the whole Vitamin C complex found in food because a single synthetic “vitamin” does not have all the components contained in food.  In fact, many recent studies are showing that synthetic vitamins are actually creating more health problems than they are helping.  Whole food nutritional supplements are far superior to synthetic vitamins, just as whole foods are far superior to processed and refined foods.  Whole food supplements allow the body to get the whole vitamin complex in its most useful form.

At the Institute our chiropractor, Dr. Burrup has the ability to evaluate your nutritional supplements for quality as well as the ability to check for what your nutritional needs are.  Dr. Burrup educates and counsels our patients on how to make healthy lifestyle and diet choices, leading to more energy, fewer health problems, weight loss (or gain when needed), and overall better health.  What are your specific nutritional needs and is your diet and supplementation meeting them?