Breast Cancer Awareness…GET A MAMMOGRAM!

#1 lesson learned from having Breast Cancer….Get a Mammogram!!!

I am Carolynn Burrup, wife of Dr. Trent Burrup.  I am a mother of three beautiful children.  I am a sister, friend, daughter, and granddaughter.  I am also a Breast Cancer Survivor.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2013, at age 44.  My mother died of breast cancer when she was 46 years old.  Her mother died of breast cancer at age 60.  I knew it was a possibility in my life too, so I have been getting regular mammograms for many years.  I have had lumps that turned out to be nothing.  So I was very surprised to have a routine mammogram turn up something when there was NO LUMP.  And my mastectomy revealed that there was a second larger tumor that didn’t even show up on the mammogram!

THIS IS IMPORTANT:  80% of women who get breast cancer have NO FAMILY HISTORY of it.

THIS IS ALSO IMPORTANT: The earlier they find breast cancer the higher your chance of survival.  Early stage breast cancer has the highest survival rate of any cancer at 89%.

Breast cancer is no longer a “death sentence” as it used to be…as it was for my mother and grandmother.  Detection is easy and treatment is very specific.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT: You can save your life by getting regular mammograms!  “Early detection is the best protection”. Regular clinical exams by your doctor and Breast MRI for high risk women should also be part of your health care.

Digital mammography is the newest technology, uses lower amounts of radiation for imaging, and shows clearer results to the radiologist.  This is the type of mammography that I had at The Breast Care Center at Jordan Valley Medical Center.

For more information on mammography read a great article here:

Do it for your family, do it for yourself! BREAST CANCER IS TOTALLY BEATABLE!