The earth is a giant magnet with a positive and negative (or north and south) pole. There exists within our bodies an electromagnetic energy field that must be in balance.

Research shows that potentially harmful electromagnetic fields (electro-magnetic pollution) can interfere with our own energy fields and nervous system.  Many researchers believe overhead power lines, airwave communication, florescent lights, computers and electronics, and even hair dryers and other electrical appliances can affect our health adversely. Many people feel weak, have headaches or just feel ill generally when they work in front of computers or under florescent lights and it may be this electromagnetic pollution that is the culprit. Various health conditions and symptoms can be caused by frequent electro-magnetic bombardments where our energy field weakens or becomes irritated, allowing symptoms to occur.

A simple multi-polar magnet, no bigger than a credit card, energizes our own energy field to protect us. This, many times, relieves chronic pain such as headaches, carpal tunnel pain, tennis elbow, strained muscles, bruises, arthritis, old injuries, back pain, spinal problems, etc.


Magnetic earth - Magnet Therapy