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September 25, 2014, 4:52 pm

Thanks to Holly J. for sharing this one with us…

When I came into Dr. Burrup’s office for the first time I could barely walk. My lower back has given me grief for the past four years due to a herniated disc. I came to Dr. Burrup frustrated, desperate, and fed up with the pain and inconvenience of a back injury. By the end of that first appointment, even though I didn’t feel any different physically, I finally felt like there may be some hope for a normal, pain free life. I am after all only 37 years old and have a lot more live to live. Within the first two weeks of treatment I felt a dramatic difference in my back. I felt stronger, more agile, and had more confidence in my body’s ability to move and LIVE than I had felt in four years! Since then, now six months later, I continue to feel an amazing difference in my quality of life and ability to live and move without the fear of losing mobility at any moment. It has truly changed my life!”