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Food and herbal supplement image for Individual Page on DetoxificationThe body has natural built-in methods of ridding itself of toxins and waste products.  We are exposed to toxins and create waste products within our bodies on a daily basis.  If the body’s natural detoxification systems are not working very well, these same toxins and pollutants can build up over time.  Some toxins come from external sources like air and water pollution, and chemicals and preservatives in the food we eat, while others are the natural result of bodily functions that must be excreted from the body.  If the body is unable to rid itself of these poisons due to poor function or to toxic overload, this can lead to inflammation, pain, and numerous disease processes.

At the Institute of Chiropractic & Acupuncture Therapy we specialize in various ways of assisting the body in ridding itself of toxins.  Some of these include nutritional and dietary programs that feed the body the necessary nutrients it has been deprived of, and that will get the liver and kidneys functioning properly again to filter poisons out of the body.  Others are more specific and involve Computerized Health Analysis to find what specific toxins are creating problems (heavy metals, chemicals, parasites and other infections like viruses and bacteria).  Through the computer testing we can then identify specific homeopathic remedies, herbs, and nutritional supplements needed to facilitate the detoxification process.

There are many different detoxification “cleanses” out there, and while many are beneficial, some of them can be very stressful on the body.  Our goal at The Institute is to find and address what each individual’s needs are, and what a person is able to handle or tolerate without creating too much stress or other problems in the detoxification process.